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GK-110VG6(Multiple Functions GNSS Tacker)   

This tracker has full features and supports GSM/CDMA network data transmission. It offers such features as monitoring, positioning, alarm and photographed. It also supports text advertisements, and so on. It can help the driver who is not familiar with the route to avoid congestion sections.

  • >.Certified by the MOC as per JT/T794-2011 and JT/T808-2011
  • >.Small plate communication designed,
  • >.Supports GNSS(GPS/GOLNASS/Galileo/BD)
  • >.Embedded with a back-up lithium battery  
  • >.High protection grade conforms at a bare minimum to IP53
  • >.Built-in TTS speech broadcasting module
  • >.Internal GPRS chipset of Quectel
  • >.Supports remote upgrade program
  • >.Supports up to 4 camera

  • >.Working voltage:DC9-36V
  • >.Standby working current:<100mA
  • >.Min. working current:<40mA
  • >.Working temperature:–20℃~+70℃
  • >.Storage temperature:–40℃~+85℃
  • >.Support TF card storage : Max 32G

  • >.Irregular region alarm
  • >.Multiple events taking pictures
  • >.GNSS information collection
  • >.Data recording
  • >.Historical track recording
  • >.Intelligent navigation
  • >.LED AD. Display
  • >.Yaw alarm
  • >.TTS speech broadcast

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