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GK-110R7 (1DIN Vehicle GNSS Tachograph)   

R7 has a standard integrated structural design, suitable for embedded installation into the dashboard. It has designed in accordance with the highest standards of ISO7637 with high reliability and immunity from disturbances. It is applicable to passenger vehicles, cargo vehicles, school buses, and tour buses.

  • >.Certified by the MOC as per JT/T794-2011 and JT/T808-2011
  • >.Certified by the MPS as per G B/T 19056-2012
  • >.Conforms to MOC JT/T825-2012 IC Card Road Transport Certification Standards
  • >.Supports GNSS(GPS/GOLNASS/Galileo/BD);
  • >.Supports GPRS/CDMA network data transmission of Quectel
  • >.Integration of on-board GPS, scheduling screen and traveling data recorder
  • >.Supports inserted and contact IC card identification or non-contact RFID identification;
  • >.Embedded with a back-up lithium battery
  • >.CAN bus interface is reserved
  • >.Supports DB9 data communication interface 

  • >.Dimensions:175mm x140 mm x 50mm
  • >.Working voltage:9-60V
  • >.Max. working current:1A
  • >.Rated working current:<100mA
  • >.Min. working current:<55mA
  • >.Standby working current:<100uA
  • >.Lithium battery capacity:300mAH
  • >.supports a maximum of 32G
  • >.Working temperature:-30。C~+70。C;
  • >.Storage temperature:-40。C~+85。C;

  •  >.Traveling data printing, traveling data recorder, RFID, IC card identification, infrared receiving, scheduling, CAN bus, GNSS data capture, audio capture and TTS voice broadcast 


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