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GK-110G6-7 Construction Vehicle GNSS Tacker   

G6-7 is specially designed for construction vehicle, this tracker integrates monitoring, data collection and remote control. Vehicle can be reasonable maintained before breakdown by remote knowing working condition data and remote testing equipment. After breakdown, it can quickly analyze the cause to make repair better and faster.

  • >.Metal case with high resistance 
  • >.Supports multiple tamper devices
  • >.Embedded with a back-up lithium battery  
  • >.Compact small size, easy to hide and install on construction vehicles  
  • >.Multiple data collection interface, supports RS232、RS485、CAN2.0 interfaces, 
  • >.Internal GPRS chipset of Quectel
  • >.High protection grade conforms at a bare minimum to IP67
  • >.Support GNSS(GPS/GOLNASS/Galileo/BD)

  • >.Dimensions:38mmx106mmx38mm
  • >.Operating voltage:DC9-36V
  • >.Standby current:<100mA
  • >.Low power consumption:<30mA
  • >.Operating temperature: –20℃~+70℃
  • >.Storage temperature:–40℃~+85℃
  • >.The maximum of black box traveling data recorder: 10,000 points


  • >.Lock the vehicle by remote
  • >.Anti-dismantling alarm
  • >.Blind zone re-transmission
  • >.Electronic fence
  • >.Vehicle status
  • >.Working condition data collection
  • Working condition data uploading
  • >.Power failure alarm
  • >.Vehicle status analysis

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