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GK-110G6-A1 Long Standby GNSS Tracker   

GK-110G6-A1 is a tracking device that integrates GSM/GPRS mobile communication and GNSS positioning. It achieves vehicle monitoring and positioning through GSM digital mobile communication network and global satellite positioning technology. This tracker features a waterproof case, easy concealed magnet absorption installation, and a built-in battery of super capacity with long standby time

  • >.Waterproof, IP68 compliant
  • >.Long standby time, More than 2000 days under normal temperature
  • >.GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • >.Internal SIRF Star III chipset and supporting AGPS
  • >.Internal GPRS chipset
  • >.Super low standby temperature:-40oC
  • >.Internal GSM antenna
  • >.Internal GNSS(GPS/GOLNASS/Galileo/BD) antenna 

  • >.Dimensions: 84mm *61mm * 25mm;
  • >.Operating voltage: 3.7V;
  • >.Battery capacity: 7000mAh(non-rechargeable);
  • >.TCP reporting: 2,000 days (once/day) or 500 days (four reports/day) or 10 days(once/5min);
  • >.Standby current: <15μA;
  • >.Operating current: <100mA (average);
  • >.Standby temperature: -40oC ~ +90oC;
  • >.Operating temperature: -30oC ~ +85oC;

  • >.Parameter settings
  • >.Auto reporting of location information
  • >.State self-checking
  • >.Remote upgrade 


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